Can I fix my credit file ? / credit repair myself ?

The short answer is yes however you will need help or advice at some stage in the process.

Expecting to carry out credit repair or remove defaults successfully from start to finish when you do not do this for a living would be unrealistic.

A comparative example would be turning up to court and running your own case when you are not a trained solicitor. Sure you can do it but it may very well turn out to be messy.

Factors to consider when fixing a credit file include the correct departments within the banks/telco’s etc to deal with. Our advantage is we know the correct point to start at with all of the major creditors. You may well spend countless hours trying to get through to the right department.

Also understanding what to request from these departments is imperative when mounting a case against a creditor for default removal. You would need an in-depth understanding of all current legislation which governs account keeping procedures, demand & collection procedures, default listing procedures and court action procedures.

These are only a few points to consider, there are too many to list here. We have been allowed the time and experience to establish what works and what doesn’t. You as a first time credit repairer will not have this luxury.

If you can afford credit repair services then it would be wise and effective to employ someone who does it for a living to assist you. Just be sure to thoroughly check out the service you are being offered before committing to any binding agreement or parting with any of your hard earned money.

If you would like to see what may be possible regarding clearing your credit file, credit repair, fixing bad credit just click here “online quote” and we can assess your issues free of charge so you can then make an informed decision.

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