Veda Check credit rating asessment

Credit check

Veda check searches are conducted by lenders and you may have been refused finance recently or you may just want to check that everything on your Veda credit history file is accurate.

Either way is fine, simply complete our online authorisation and we can assess your Veda Check credit history information for you, after which our assessment report will then be sent to you securely by email. The assessment service fee is $35.00 which covers the compilation of our assessment report, however once we have accessed your Veda credit history file and completed our assessment, we will then email the Veda credit file to you at no cost following our chargeable assessment report.

You may have applied numerous times for finance and then continue to wonder why you are being declined, or you can get your Veda Check information supplied which will allow you to identify and isolate any potential issues. This then provides you with a starting point and knowledge on what needs fixing on your Veda credit history report.

Australia’s Veda Advantage is the largest credit reporting agency and most commonly used by lenders. Make sure you get to see what the banks see by viewing our report of your full Veda credit history assessment.

During our assessment process we access your Veda Check information online and you will be required to enter information such as full name, DOB, current residential address, drivers license and possibly other information if required to confirm your identity.

None of your personal information is passed onto any third party. It is only entered into a Veda Check data base which we are registered to access, and then cross referenced in order to match your correct file.

You can access a free copy of your credit history and assess it yourself however this must be done directly through a credit reporting bureau and a wait of up to a couple of weeks is normally incurred.

Make sure that any assessment of your Veda Check is based on a genuinely sourced Veda Advantage information file and not an amended or different company’s “free” version. There is no point obtaining an assessment based on different data to what the banks and lenders use.

Trust a registered authorised access seeker to carry out your Veda credit Check assessment request for you – Credit Check Express.
Click here to order your assessment report.

Although we are registered with Veda as an authorised access seeker, Credit Check Express is not a direct affiliation of Veda.
We do not sell or resell credit files as a stand alone service.

Get my Credit Report assessed

Credit check

Assess your complete Australian Veda credit file online now.

Click here to request a current assessment & review of your credit report.

If you purchase our “assessment & recommendation” service, Your free credit file will be emailed directly to you separately and after the initial chargeable assessment service.

Credit check for defaults or judgements on your credit file before you submit loan applications.

MY VEDA CREDIT FILE doesn’t show everything – Why ???

Credit check
My Credit File service offered by Veda Advantage is one of the two major credit reporting agencies in Australia. The other is Dun & Bradstreet.
Both organisations provide services to credit providers of all types. It is entirely up to the credit provider who they choose to use when carrying out Credit Checks on consumer or business credit applications.
A particular credit provider or lender may use Veda today for their credit checks, however they may have been using Dun & Bradstreet two or three years ago.
So that explains why some of your past applications may appear on Veda and some may appear on D&B, even if it is the same lender who has checked over different time periods.
Just because a default may appear on one file it may not necessarily be on the other. It is always a good idea to obtain a copy of each file from Veda and Dun & Bradstreet. You can obtain your D&B file from their website or we can assess your Veda file for you just click here.