Telco offers client refund after credit rating repair !!!


We recently completed credit repair on a clients credit file with bad credit.

The creditor was a major Australian Telco who initially refused to remove the default.

After we had identified an area of non compliance the matter was then escalated to the office of an ombudsman.

The final result saw both the collection agency and the Telco withdraw their legal action, remove the bad debt from our clients credit rating and to top it off, a reduction in excess of $6000 was applied to the account.

Naturally our client was over the moon about having a clear credit rating and the reduction of $6000 did not cost the client any extra on our behalf.

When we identify additional benefits which we can apply for our clients, the price of credit repair does not increase. That’s just an added service as part of overall quality we offer when fixing a credit rating.

Feel free to email us your credit file for a free assessment of what may be possible for you.

Credit card default removed 7/7/2011


A major success story for removing bad credit.

Most credit repair tasks on bad credit do not happen overnight.

On this occasion we took on one of the major banks regarding an unfair credit card debt listing for an amount of $26,000+

The task of reapiring bad credit file started on June 29th and the successful result was achieved on July 7th. 8 days !!!

Although not standard turnaround times this allowed our client to complete their finance application without delay

If you are experiencing problems with bad credit or need your credit rating checked and fixed all you need to do is click our online quote tab on the home page to obatin a free assessment.

Our ability is unrivaled in bad credit repair, fix bad credit file, credit check and clear credit file.

Another bogus “credit repairer” exposed !!! 6/7/2011


Credit repair scams

Time and time again we see the credit repair industry being polluted by individuals who claim they can make all of your bad credit problems go away. Although they disappear pretty quickly they also return, a bit like flies as the seasons change.

The latest one on the scene appears to be a mortgage broker who has decided to start fixing bad credit for people as an arm of their core business of broking. Not quite sure where they are because they don’t supply any business location details or landlines (no 1800 and 1300 numbers don’t cut the mustard as being a readily identifiable land lines as they can be moved or attached to new numbers anywhere).

What appeared? Well for starters their website appears to be poorly edited but that in itself does not make one guilty of being a fake, however you would expect your public business facade to be well presented and edited. What did however catch our attention was the claim of “no upfront fees”. Read on further down their home page just a few lines and the first selling point says “no upfront fees” and then the fourth point quotes “establishment fee includes….”.

So what’s going on here? Is it zero upfront fees or is there an establishment fee? It cannot be both !

Do they tell you that your call to them coupled with an assessment is free but when they start the job an establishment fee applies ? Please spare us the pain and don’t tell us this passes for “no upfront fees”. In English “no upfront fees” means nothing payable until job done – period.

What they are advertising practically constitutes a breach of the Trade Practices Act of misleading and deceptive conduct. It is after all a plain and simple misleading advert designed to rope you in.

But unfortunately there will always be crooks who will take advantage of your fragile circumstances so be very, very careful of who you employee to fix your credit file.

Solution: We are working on rounding these type of characters up and dumping them in the lap of regulatory authorities who have the power and jurisdiction to prosecute once enough evidence is gathered. The shonks cannot work out how it will happen, and you must be diligent when shopping around for credit repairers to fix your bad credit file.

No doubt we will receive emails from the culprits as we always do when one is exposed, but that’s all part of being transparent and identifying these crooks.

Good luck and beware!



Do scams occur within the industry in Australia? Unfortunately the answer is yes there are credit repair scammers which means you will have to be more diligent when shopping around for bad credit repair services.

Certain signs should trigger your awareness of a possible scam but you need to know what to look and listen out for.

For starters an obvious sign is anyone who does not openly advertise their full business details including address, ABN and land-line numbers. Transparency is mandatory for a legitimate business. If they refuse to provide any of these then you can be pretty sure its a scam.

As far as fees go, anyone who requests very large amounts up front such as around $800 or more with no written guarantee of a full refund is posing a risk too high for you to take. High fees up front simply imply that the supposed repairer either doubts their ability or they will simply do nothing at all.

Progress fees. Some organisations advertise no upfront fees but down the track hit you up for a progress payment. This is not only misleading but simply another way to extract money from you in increments as time goes on. Make sure you specifically ask about progress payments.

Agreements. Read agreements very, very carefully as their are currently people who will verbally tell you that they can fix your file but ultimately you only end up with information being mailed to you. Read every sentence in an agreement !

If you feel you have been scammed you should report the matter to the relevant statutory body who may assist. This may include the Office of Fair Trading or other similar departments.

Legitimate and competent repairers should either charge zero fees upfront or a maximum of around 25 percent of the total job fees. If they are able to do the job for you then this should not be an issue.

Good luck with your credit repair.