Run your Credit Check now online.

This page is specifically for clients wishing to conduct a credit history check online.

Step 1. Complete the online application below and submit.

Step 2. Receive your assessment and Veda credit file returned by email.

Step 3. Read our assessment and recommendation report identifying any issues.

Step 4. Read your credit file. See your Veda score and check all info.

Step 5. Email or call us with any questions !

Using the application below, you will receive your Veda Equifax credit report assessment when applying for a credit check now online.

Your credit file assessment is then emailed to you securely.

Identify any payment defaults, court actions and view your credit score.

All major lenders in Australia use this Equifax format to view your credit history. Check your credit history before applying for finance.

By completing your details and submitting a credit check assessment online, we will then activate your request the same business day.

Shortly after applying online, your Veda Equifax history assessment report is sent to you which analyzes your credit history, checking for any adverse information and other critical information which lenders base their decisions on.

The assessment service costs $62.50 AUD but your Veda Equifax credit file is also passed onto you at no charge.

Find out what is on your Veda Equifax credit file before lenders do !

Safe and secure online Veda Equifax file assessment service. No we are not Veda Equifax. We are an authorised access seeker holding access to Veda files only with your permission. How Equifax collects and uses the information you provide is outlined here in their Credit Reporting Policy

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