Are you looking for a Credit Check service online or to obtain an assessment of your Veda credit report?

You can access a credit check service online providing detailed assessment by our professional staff. Friendly Help Hotline 02 5809 8275 for any queries.

You can obtain a free copy directly from Veda Advantage and assess yourself which may incur waiting periods of up to a couple of weeks, or we can expedite the process for you with our credit check service then provide you with our assessment report. The assessment is a chargeable service which attracts a fee of $62.50, however we then pass on your Veda credit file to you free of charge after you have paid for our “assessment service”

Once you have requested our credit check service assessment online and have your credit report assessment at hand, we will also send you your current Veda credit history at no cost. This is the credit file we use to base our assessment on.
This assessment or “credit health check” comes at a cost of $62.50 and is separate to the free Veda credit file we provide.

The credit check which we access will show us your current credit report showing all credit, finance and utilities applications in the last five years. It will also show and payment defaults, clear-outs, public records such as directorships, court writs, judgements, bankruptcies and summons’ listings.

Your credit report will also confirm the details held of your date of birth, drivers licence, employer, addresses and any links to cross referenced files in other names.

On occasions there is incorrect or inaccurate information on your credit file which is actually quite common, after all not every creditor who has entered something on your file through applications is going to be 100% accurate.

Even though these inaccuracies are not defaults they will still decrease your credit score by way of “inconsistencies” with what you place on a future application. This often leads to declined finance so it’s best to perform a credit check assessment and make sure every detail about yourself is accurate on your credit report before applying for finance or credit.

Our credit check assessment and appraisal comes with no obligations and is simply for you to be aware of important aspects on your credit history which may affect future applications.

Credit check now to buy your credit file assessment.