Why does this service attract a fee?

A: The fee charged is for us to action your request immediately and start the process of obtaining your credit file upon demand. We then compile an assessment and provide you with a subsequent report identifying any adverse issues which may affect finance applications. A free copy of your credit file will be provided which is separate and subsequent to purchasing our “assessment service”. we action your request immediately and have your credit report emailed to you securely.

How long does it take ?

A: Your request is actioned during business hours and in most cases your file is emailed back to you within one business day. After hours and weekend requests may take longer.

Does the information I provide get passed onto anyone?

No. We are not permitted by law to pass your personal information onto anyone – period. The only place your information is sent to is Veda Advantage. This information is used to match up against Veda records so that we can access your correct credit report.

What information is in my credit file?

A: All credit, finance, utilities and telephone application will remain on your credit file for five years, regardless of if you got the loan/credit or not. A credit file also contains any directorship details, bankruptcy details, defaults, writs or court actions. Your credit report will have the last information you have provided through an application regarding your name, address, employer, date of birth, licence number and any cross referenced or second files linked in other names.

Why should I get a copy of my credit report assessed?

A: It is essential that you make sure all information on your file is accurate and up to date. If not, you run the risk of submitting an application with details you provide which are inconsistent with those on your credit file. That will mean a possible lower credit score or worse, declined loan. Make sure you see what is on your file before a lender does!

Who uses a Veda Advantage / Equifax credit file?

Veda Advantage / Equifax is the largest credit reporting agency in Australia which most lenders, utlilties and phone company’s subscribe to. These credit providers check your credit file or credit rating before deciding if they will assist you with your financial needs or not. Every time you submit an application the information you provide will normally be added and updated on your credit report.

Can I get a free copy of my credit report?

A: Yes you are entitled to a free copy if we have accessed it for you. However we will only access your file should you decide to purchase our professional “assessment & recommendation” service. After we have conducted our internal review of your credit file for the chargeable “assessment service”, the copy of your credit file we have accessed will be passed onto you at no charge. We do not provide credit files as a stand alone service, nor do we sell credit files in conjunction with any of our services.

If you have further questions please contact us and we will endeavor to best answer your questions
as soon as possible.