How do I improve my credit score ?

Consistency in the information you provide to a lender is critical for the best possible credit score.

When applying for finance lenders will perform a credit check using your Veda Advantage file or Dunn & Bradstreet file. If that shows up clear of defaults they will then run the data from your credit file through their system to obtain a “credit score or credit rating score”.

The data from your credit file must be as close as possible to the information you provide on your application in order to obtain maximum credibility. The software systems lenders use to cross reference data from your credit file against your application are very complex and sophisticated and intelligent. They are programmed very well to identify intentional or unintentional inconsistencies.

Unlike the copy of your Veda file you as a consumer may receive from Veda Advantage, the lenders version is in a different format. It contains more detail regarding address and employment dates and is therefore date specific. These dates are obtained and entered every time you submit an application for finance and the dates are entered according to what you supply on your application forms.

Therefore, you would need to remember the length of time you have nominated on every application for each job and address you have had. Not many of us get this right especially when you round the periods off to the nearest year to make the time periods look greater which many people do naturally. That plus memory makes this task almost impossible.

There is only one way to make sure that all of the information you are about to nominate on a credit application matches the information on your credit file. You need a copy of the version that lenders look at assessed. You can apply for this assessment online through our website by clicking Assess my Credit File.

This will allow you to confidently complete finance applications obtaining the best credit score on the proviso you do not have any existing defaults, court actions or other adverse listings. If you need adverse listings fixed this is where we specialise in fixing bad credit, credit repair so you can “fix my credit file” or “clear my credit rating”.

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