From the moment you apply for your first line of credit, loan or utility you will have a credit report file created.

You can request us to access your complete Veda Equifax credit report and then provide you with our professional assessment by completing the online form. Also feel free to call our Help Hotline 02 5809 8275

Payment for our assessment service is made by using Paypal or Creditcard in the online request form.

Once you submit the online application we will action your request and proceed to obtain your current Veda Advantage (now Equifax) credit file.

Your complete credit history assessment with credit score is then emailed back to you together with (if applicable) our free quote which may identify any adverse issues requiring attention.

If you decide to purchase our professional assessment service, your full Equifax credit file with credit score which we have accessed will be passed onto you at no charge, separately after we have provided our “assessment & review”.

What you then have at hand is a professional and accurate assessment of your credit history.