How to fix my Credit Rating / Fix my Credit File

Credit repair can be done by your self or with the assistance of a professional.

Naturally someone who effectively does this for a living is going to be better than the average individual. Note how we mention “effectively” as there are some who only claim the ability to carry out credit repair.

If your credit file is important to you and you want the best possible chance at obtaining a clear credit file, here are some of the things that an established credit repairer will know and have, that you will have to find if you want to try your self.

A clear and current understanding of all relevant legislation and industry guidelines. You must be up to date on what can and can’t be done in the industry by creditors, credit repairers, credit reporting agencies and third parties.

An objective approach where no “personal” attitudes or opinions are expressed is essential. Once personal becomes involved the quality of any work deteriorates dramatically. Professionals have the edge on the individual in this respect because they are not emotionally tied.

A proper understanding of the law when it comes to removing court actions or writs from a credit file. Every state court system has its own systems, forms, procedures and guidelines. If done incorrectly you can be waiting months for the errors to be corrected and resubmitted.

Practical experience when dealing with creditors can never be substituted by research alone. Many of the common large creditors such as Telcos, banks and utilities companies have procedures to deal with fixing a credit file, however they will not voluntarily provide you with advice and assistance on how to go about it all. Remember that you are only creating non profitable work for them so why would they assist you ?

So at the end of the day you can attempt credit repair your self and it is your right to try, but your chances may be somewhat reduced when compared to a credit repair professional with valuable knowledge, contacts and experience.

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