Veda Credit check assessment benefits include individual professional assessment by a team member. Buy my credit file Service now

The only fee is for the Veda credit check file, now Equifax, to be expressly assessed and a compilation of our detailed report. Free Help Hotline 02 5809 8275.

Importantly, after we have accessed your Veda credit history file to assess, we will forward you a copy of the Veda check online at no cost which is separate to the chargeable “assessment service”.

You can purchase your Veda credit file assessment through our website which will be returned securely by email (business hours). Commonly known as “buy my credit file” but you are not actually paying for your credit file, that part is free.

Our complete assessment of your Veda credit report, Equifax and Veda check online together with any recommendations will be provided for a service fee of $62.50. This assessment will be sent to you shortly after applying online, followed by a separate free copy of the Veda credit file we have accessed for you to base our assessment on.

The fastest return assessing your Veda check history. Veda credit check assessment.

This Veda credit check assessment request will currently cost you $62.50.

PRIVACY ASSURED: We will not share any of your personal information with any lending institutions, collection agencies, government departments, marketing companies or data base firms. Your personal information below is provided solely to Veda Advantage in order to accurately cross reference and obtain your credit file from Veda’s existing records.

We are not Veda but we can access your file with your permission. This happens when you ask us to “Buy my credit file”, Veda credit check report online, check my Veda file or Veda check online.

Authority for an agent to obtain access to an individual’s credit information file held by a credit reporting agency (Privacy Act 1988)