Veda Check Credit Report assessments & Consumer Veda Credit Check Online.

Complimentary Veda check credit report file when you purchase our credit file assessment service using this Veda credit check assessment link.

Being a registered access seeker with Veda Advantage now Equifax, Credit Check Express can help individuals and brokers by acting as their access seeker with Veda and assess credit file data.

If you are an individual or broker and require an assessment of your client’s credit history as part of a finance application simply complete this online application for a credit check assessment now.

Under Australian law brokers must have the client’s consent in order to obtain their credit history. Please ensure you retain a record of their consent if obtaining their credit file assessment.

This premium service includes a personal assessment of the credit file which is delivered shortly after application. Although the “assessment and recommendation service” is chargeable at $62.50, a copy of the Veda credit file which we access to conduct the assessment will be passed on free of charge. This free copy is separate to our chargeable “assessment service”.

Any adverse issues are clearly identified and possible solutions are outlined.

Consumer or broker queries can be directed to our Help Hotline 02 5809 8275.

We are here to make Veda check online, Veda credit check online, and credit file assessment a fast and seamless part of a brokers’ task with applications for finance.

Contact us now for credit file assessments and Veda credit check online.

How Equifax collects and uses the information you provide is outlined here in their Credit Reporting Policy

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