There are no upfront fees for court action removal.

Having a court action on your credit rating can be one of the most daunting prospects of an affected credit file. Court actions can be an entry on your credit rating appearing as a judgment, writ or summons. However these listings are removable if carefully addressed together with the right knowledge and industry experience.

That’s where our staff excel, being fully versed in all legislation and having excellent industry contacts. Once we remove court actions no one can ever know they have even existed on your credit rating. They are effectively deleted. Sometimes lenders may consider a finance application with a paid default but not with a court action.

Avoid spending any of your hard earned money on default removal until after all court actions have been removed. Contact us and let us assess your credit file and provide you with an accurate and honest opinion of the chances of court action removal. If we believe these entries can be removed you will not have to outlay any money until we have completed removed each court action from you credit file.

No cost for quotes, no cost for commencement and no cost if no result. All of this means you place zero financial risk in employing us to remove court actions. Help Hotline 02 6373 5151.

Just shop around and see if anyone will match that!