You may need to remove defaults if you’ve ever defaulted on a payment which could be etched onto your credit file for the next five to seven years. A payment default means being over 60 days late paying a bill of $150 or over. This is remarkably easy to do when most of us have phone bills, loans, credit cards and utility bills – missing just one payment is an easy mistake.

Financial providers will use the data collated by credit reporting agencies to score your financial history. Payment defaults cause bad credit and are a huge black mark against your credit score which quite dramatically affects the outcome of a financial assessment. Even accidentally forgetting to pay a phone bill years ago could damage your chances of getting a low rate loan or any credit at all. Time to remove defaults.

This is where Credit Check Express Australia can help. We will attempt to remove defaults and dispute any information that you think is incorrect and ensure that your bad credit file has defaults removed in order for you to have the financial freedom you deserve.

Even if the debt was legitimately owed, the credit provider must have correctly carried out all procedures relating to handling the overdue account right through to the stage of listing the default. There are many aspects which they must comply by and getting every one of them 100% right all the time is unlikely. That’s when we know what to look for and act upon technicalities to your advantage to remove defaults.

We have an excellent working relationship with many of the major creditors as we are know in the industry for our no nonsense and professional approach. These creditors don’t appreciate their time being wasted by “hacks” or “unlikely stories” and our reputation with these creditors ensures we do not fall into either category.

Knowing who to contact applied with our professional reputation gets us through to the right people and listened to by their staff who will give us the attention when really needed. If we can’t get a default removed then it is highly unlikely anyone will.

Our clients do not have to deal with creditors, solicitors, courts, government departments, call centres, credit reporting agencies or ombudsmen. We remove all of the frustration associated with dealing with these departments and we are not emotionally involved.

We have restored the credibility of thousand of credit files for clients but don’t just take our word for it. Read it for yourself from our real and legitimate testimonials.

At the end of the day We Will help you restore your credit worthiness so that you are placed on a level playing field when it comes to your chances of finance approval. To start with, all you have to do is get our free assessment by submitting an online quote request through our home page. Help Hotline 02 5809 8275.