Understanding your credit file history will ultimately lead to a clearer and more profitable financial future. Veda / Equifax is Australia’s main credit reporting agency and most people in the country will have a Veda Credit File. What a credit file usually includes is all of your general details such as your name, address, gender, date of birth and driver’s licence details, plus three sections focusing on your credit history:

  1. Consumer credit information such as home loans, personal loans, phone bills, store cards, credit cards (both past and present) and details of any overdue consumer accounts.
  2. Commercial credit information such as commercial loans or any history of commercial loan enquiries.
  3. Public Record information such as court judgements, directorships, proprietorships and bankruptcy information.

Credit Check Express Australia can assess your Veda Credit File to repair any detrimental financial information in order to fix your bad credit rating and ensure that in the future you’ll be able to enter into financial agreements without bearing the brunt of high interest rates.

It can often be quite a difficult process so working with a professional credit repair agency is the practical option to ensure that your bad credit is fixed efficiently and your credit file is clear of any default marks Help Hotline 02 5809 8275.