Get my credit score. Equifax credit file.

Get my credit score. Equifax credit file.

Credit check

How do I get my credit score?

You can get your credit score together with a copy of your Equifax credit report.

A free copy of your Veda report is available once a year from Equifax or you can order additional copies by express service for a fee.

Equifax is the premier provider of credit reports in Australia.

All major lenders use Equifax and the Equifax score product is the bench mark used in the lending industry within Australia.

There are different versions of an Equifax credit file available so make sure you obtain one with a credit score attached.

Every lender is different with what they consider an acceptable score so there is no set “good credit score”.

Your credit score is used in conjunction with other aspects and information on a finance application.

A credit score is not to be considered the primary reason why finance is approved or declined.

For consumers who need to obtain “my Equifax Veda credit score” in a hurry this can be completed online.