Check your Veda credit score

Check your Veda credit score


Are you like millions of other Australian’s and worried what your Veda credit score may be ?

Recent news has shown millions of Australian’s are too scared to check their credit score, let alone know what their score is. Yet it is not that hard to check your Veda credit score, in fact it is dead easy.

If you ignore your credit score information and do not check your Veda credit score but rather address it only when time comes to apply for finance, that is like a financial ostrich sticking its head in the sand!

Not only do you risk blemishes showing up when you least want them to, but there are literally hundreds of thousand of errors in individuals credit files which go unchecked every year.

Yes it is the responsibility of credit reporting bureaus to maintain accurate data on your credit file but it is only going to be as accurate as the lender who enters it each time you apply for finance. People make mistakes!

It is also the individuals responsibility to check and make sure the information on their credit file is accurate and report any errors as soon as possible to the credit reporting bureau such as Veda Equifax. The only way to do this is check your Veda credit score and report.

You could be costing yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars paying unnecessarily high interest rates on finance or even worse, risk being declined for finance when you most need it.

Recent news articles have highlighted many more important aspects which may have an impact due to credit score negligence.

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