Telco offers client refund after credit rating repair !!!

We recently completed credit repair on a clients credit file with bad credit.

The creditor was a major Australian Telco who initially refused to remove the default.

After we had identified an area of non compliance the matter was then escalated to the office of an ombudsman.

The final result saw both the collection agency and the Telco withdraw their legal action, remove the bad debt from our clients credit rating and to top it off, a reduction in excess of $6000 was applied to the account.

Naturally our client was over the moon about having a clear credit rating and the reduction of $6000 did not cost the client any extra on our behalf.

When we identify additional benefits which we can apply for our clients, the price of credit repair does not increase. That’s just an added service as part of overall quality we offer when fixing a credit rating.

Feel free to email us your credit file for a free assessment of what may be possible for you.