I hereby authorise Credit Check Express to act as my/our agent in seeking access to my/our consumer and commercial credit information file held by a credit reporting agency.

This authority only applies to enquiries made by Credit Check Express in connection with:


  1. A proposed application, by me/us for credit
  2. My/our having sought advice in relation to existing credit.
  3. Credit file status.


I declare that I am the person submitting this application and understand that the information I nominate will be provided to a credit reporting agency to access my/our credit file. By checking the box below I hereby provide my full understanding and consent to access my/our personal information held by a credit reporting agency.

Refund Policy

In the event we cannot locate a current Veda credit file in the applicants name after reasonable attempts have been made, a refund for the purchase price will be issued. Refunds do not apply to credit repair services. Refunds only apply to Veda credit file assessments.


All payments are in Australian Dollars.