Testimonial 22/6/2011

To Whom it may concern ,

I would just like to comment on how professional , prompt and transparent MTA partners were in my credit repair service.

I applied for a loan and got refused even for a minimal amount , I got a copy of my credit file and found a default on my file that has not been paid and was severely affecting my credit worthiness. I tried dealing with the company that listed this default with no success. I was out of options , I google searched “credit repair” and I came across 100’s if not 1000’s of listings for companies that “fix credit” with WARNING SCAM attached. I then found MTA partners.

I was VERY hesitant at first as I read allot about scams with these services and so I asked allot of questions to MTA partners about 10 emails,  these emails were always answered promptly and without bias or complaining and this was BEFORE I even was a customer , after doing lots of research I decided to give it a go as all my checks seemed ok.

I emailed MTA partners and I paid a small fee to them (fee for the credit reporting agency)  and gave them authority to look into my credit file, at first look one of the representatives at MTA told me that I only had 2 months to wait before the infringement was removed and it would be unfair for them to charge me for a service that I would not need in 2 months, then they realized that it was on there for almost 3 more years so they took on my case. VERY honest and upfront of them.

Only one or two days later I received an email from MTA detailing my chance of success and my options , I paid a deposit , right away they were transparent and told me that the deposit was not refundable and the balance would be due only if they succeed in removing my default. I agreed and paid my deposit , not even a week later I got an email from them saying that the default had been removed , I have since secured a loan as now my credit file is squeaky clean.

MTA partners will tell you the chance of success BEFORE you pay a cent (excluding the initial minimal credit check fee) , they will also answer ALL your needs and questions in a prompt and professional manner , they also don’t promise you the world and they NEVER give you false hope , they tell it how it is!!!

I would like to thank MARK, and Bryony for there EXCELLENT service , honesty and professionalism in this whole process and i would like to personally and sincerely thank you again for giving me my life back , i now can do the things that I wanted to do.

I am not affiliated to MTA partners in any way , I have not been paid to provide this testimonial.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you